About Me

I am married to the love of my life.

RPD'S Career

RPD Started Off Wrestling In Backyards. After Making A Name For Himself There He Started Wrestling On A Trampoline For An Old Company Called TCW. There RPD Would Reach Legendary Status Holding The TCW Title Ten Times, The TCW IC Title, Eight Times, The TCW Tag Title Four Times, And The TCW Hardcore Title Two Times. RPD Is Also The Record Holder For Most Times Stripped Of The TCW Title. Later A Match Result Would Cause RPD To Retire From TCW And Wrestling. Now RPD Is Back; He Now Owns RWF And Currently Wrestles There. Now RPD Has Been Wrestling At HCW And Is Married To The Love of his life Chelsy Moore (Phoenix). He now wrestles at BYCW and is the current and first ever BYCW World Champion. 

My Bio

Height: 5'4" 

Weight: 160 LBS

Finisher(s): RPD Kick, Viper's Venom, Rise Of The Phoenix, RPD Combination

Music: SAW Remix By SAW

Current Relationship Status: Married to Chelsy